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SAOLAS understands the universal desire for the best for one’s baby – parents want not only the soft touch but also the safest, especially when it comes to resting a tiny newborn’s head or sweet naked bum.

SAOLAS is a firm believer that changing mats are not just a quick after thought in diaper bag design development. As the only component that will be constant contact with your baby, SAOLAS believes that a fantastic changing mat can make or break a bag. With that belief as our bedrock, SAOLAS has invested significant attention to designing a changing mat that is soft, luxurious, stylish, eco-friendly, and easy to clean.

Baby changing
Baby changing and play mat

SAOLAS is the best in class when it comes the design of our baby changing mats. Our signature Mat is crafted from eco-friendly ARIAPRENE®, a sustainable, dense foam that comfortably cushions your baby with a soft covering of jersey fabric. As the very raison d’être of a changing mat is cleanliness, our Mats are water repellent and easily cleaned with a quick wipe.

SAOLAS signature Mats come in one of SAOLAS unique artisanal prints. Our Mats are designed to be dual-purposed, as the prints can engage and stimulate your baby during nappy changes and tummy time. All these little touches come together in a beautiful mat that you will be happy to reach for time after time