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SAOLAS was chosen to reflect our brand’s commitment to sustainability – whether through our use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the production of our products or through the socially responsible programs we participate in. 


If the word SAOLAS is new to you, it’s probably because it’s the name of a beautiful, rare mammal species discovered only in 1992!  Nicknamed “the Asian Unicorn”, these antelope-like animals are believed to have less than a hundred animals, and maybe even only a handful left in the wild.  The saola face extinction without immediate action. The name SAOLAS was deliberately chosen to bring attention to their existence, and the plight that they and other endangered species share without our conscious efforts.

SAOLAS was created in response to its founder, Stefanie Lucia Hook’s difficulties in finding a diaper bag that had function, form, and a style that fit her needs as a frequent traveler and working professional.   After years of working internationally, managing an American automotive supplier plant in Indonesia, she was used to certain preciseness in her life and felt that the birth of her daughter should not completely end her love for fashion or order.


When she couldn’t find the bag that she was looking for without sacrificing her sense of style, she started sketching the first designs of the SAOLAS bags that you see today!

SAOLAS was birthed near the beautiful foothills of the Heidelberg Castle, Germany, in a small town that its’ founder, Stefanie Lucia Hook was lucky to call home.  SAOLAS bags are designed in Germany and manufactured by skilled master craftsmen and women in the romantic landscapes of Tuscany, which is known for its deep history, artistic inheritance, and exceptional leather working traditions.


SAOLAS is pioneering the use of bio-farmed leather for luxury bag-making; the leather is produced in Germany under the strict BIOKREIS regulations.   SAOLAS’ commitment to adhering to their strict standards ensures that our leather is tanned with natural vegetable dyes instead of the standard, and highly toxic, chrome-tanning process.  This results in luxurious leather that is not only hypoallergenic and baby-friendly but also preserves the authenticity of the leather.

As a bag enthusiast, SAOLAS founder Stefanie Lucia Hook prefers a bag made of high-quality leather that ages beautifully. She has always appreciated the supple touch and feel of leather bags but often hesitated when faced with the knowledge of the all too often cruel treatment of the animals, not to mention the toxicity of traditional leather-making processes.  SAOLAS firmly believe that leather should come from animals that are treated humanely– and that unlike the industry standard for most leather goods, no animal be used for leather consumption alone. 


We have specifically selected the best bio-farmed leather in the world so that our customers can proudly carry a SAOLAS bag and know that this is an ethically and sustainably produced diaper bag. For our family and friends who prefer a non-leather option, SAOLAS is actively researching other eco-friendly and vegan materials for future bags and accessories.

SAOLAS bio-farmed leather reflects the individual life of the cattle; whose lives are lived primarily outdoors and the leather bears the unique markings that reflect that. Bio-farming, whether in agriculture or in animal husbandry, is farming that does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which helps to preserve the natural health and fertility of the soil, and follows the appropriate requirements for raising animals.  Bio-farming in regards to cattle, and other animals, includes ensuring appropriate and sufficient pastures, outdoor exercise, access to fresh air as well as reduced antibiotics use.  SAOLAS uses bio-farmed leather as it ensures a humane treatment of animals, eco- and baby-friendly dyeing and tanning techniques, and that no animal is used for leather consumption alone.


SAOLAS has woven sustainability and circularity throughout its company’s mission, vision, and the creation and distribution of SAOLAS products.

SAOLAS is actively redefining luxury goods by creating beautifully designed, environmentally conscious products. SAOLAS carefully sources ethical partners throughout the supply chain, manufacturing, and logistic processes to guarantee sustainability and transparency in all its products. SAOLAS strives to create high quality, durable products that can endure the rigors of everyday life, and travel.

SAOLAS is pioneering the use of bio-farmed leathers in luxury bag making following the BIOKREIS regulations. These regulations ensure a humane treatment of animals, eco and baby-friendly dyeing and tanning techniques, and that no animal is used for leather consumption alone.

SAOLAS sources its plant and fabric materials from organic producers that work with natural and baby safe prints and dyes, when possible. Plastics and other components are sourced from recycled/vintage materials, as much as possible.

SAOLAS is constantly reviewing its policies and practices to mitigate our impact, lessen our carbon footprint, and ensure that what we take from the earth can return to the earth without poisoning it for future generations.

SAOLAS is excited to partner with and support wildlife conservation, and mother and child initiatives as part of our company philanthropy.  The organizations we have chosen are dear to our hearts for the transformative, impactful work they are engaged at within their local communities and countries.  Learn more about our Social Giving program here.


SAOLAS bags and accessories can be purchased directly at our webshop online at and our instashop on Instagram at @SAOLASofficial. Please check back periodically as we add additional online partners and locations where SAOLAS can be purchased.

Upon purchasing your SAOLAS product, you will receive an automatic email confirmation together with detailed instructions on how to check the status of your order.  SAOLAS ships via DHL and the tracking number of each shipment will be sent and the delivery status and confirmation can be tracked online once shipped.

Depending on the shipping method selected including normal or expedited delivery, it should generally take 3-4 working days to ship domestically within Germany.  International shipping timelines will be based on the destination and preferred shipping method.


Yes, SAOLAS ships of course everywhere in Germany and almost anywhere in the world!  A detailed list of countries that SAOLAS ships to are here:

The shipping costs will depend on the final destination. The shipping cost will be reflected during the checkout and payment stage once your preferred shipping method is selected.


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SAOLAS leather is crafted from the finest bio-farmed leather in the world.  Gentle and periodic treatment of the leather will ensure that its beauty and suppleness will be maintained for years to come.  The leather can be lightly cleaned to remove any dust and light dirt with a soft, damp cloth.  For deeper stains or concerns, we recommend the use of specialty leather care products or cleaning by leather professionals.

SAOLAS changing mats have been designed to be easily cleaned with a quick wipe – whether a baby wipe or a soft, soapy cloth.  SAOLAS mats are created from eco-friendly materials including Ariaprene®. They feature a hypo-allergenic, toxic-free rubber with an  Ariaprene® foam core, and water-based lamination that does not irritate the skin. The mats are not machine washable and should only be cleaned by hand.   For SAOLAS accessories, whether crafted from leather, Ariaprene®, or other fabrics, please follow the same care instructions.  Any specific care queries can be sent to

SAOLAS diaper bags and backpacks are designed to be compatible with most strollers – the versatile clip features allow for easy attachment to the different stroller models.

The SAOLAS signature bag has been specifically designed with travel in mind; a pass-through sleeve is included at the back of the bag to enhance the traveling experience of any parent making it the perfect bag for traveling!

One of SAOLAS most unique features is the special care that SAOLAS takes to ensure an eco- and baby-friendly method of leather dyeing.  SAOLAS utilizes vegetable tanning to achieve this and as such, the natural dyes enabled by vegetable tanning may lead to slight variations in color between different dye batches.  The chemical-free process means that each piece is unique, without the bland conformity of chemical treatments that render every piece indistinguishable from the next. 

By utilizing vegetable tanning instead of the more toxic, traditional chrome tanning processes, SAOLAS achieves richly hued leathers that look as gorgeous as they feel.  The beauty of SAOLAS naturally tanned leathers is that no two pieces are identical; the authenticity of the leather is preserved.


SAOLAS makes the perfect gift – what a fabulous idea!  Please click here to purchase a gift voucher.

The PANTHERA hands down!  This bag was designed specifically with the working parent in mind; a 13inch detachable laptop sleeve is included, along with a compartment for your keys, passport and mobile phone, and a fixed, zippered wallet pocket.  Click here to see the detailed features of the PANTHERA.


SAOLAS carefully selects a limited number of parents/brand ambassadors who evoke the SAOLAS way of being. If you are interested in collaborating with SAOLAS, please send us an email at with your details and ideas.

SAOLAS is carefully curating a select number of boutiques worldwide that carry SAOLAS products. If you have a boutique and think that your space is the right fit for SALOAS, please email us at

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