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ethical sourcing is reflected in our cornerstones

SAOLAS commitment to ethical sourcing is reflected in our four key pillars that underlie our approach to ethical sourcing, namely – Environment, Animal, Human, and Circularity.
  • utilizes the most ethical and socially responsible materials – ranging from premium bio-farmed leather, to alternative pineapple leather, recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural vegetable  and chrome-free dyes that minimize the harm and impact to the environment, workers and wearers.
  • continuous research, development and utilization of new resource-saving materials, and identifying bio-farming and eco-friendly alternatives.
  • identify ways to reduce CO2 foot print by optimizing our supply chain.
  • ensure strict Biokreis guidelines governing the selection, creation and use of all its leather.
  • ensure that no animal is used for leather consumption alone
  • carefully hand-selects partners based on a governing mutual understanding and respect for the principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and a respect for healthy working conditions.
  • work directly and meet with our partners frequently to ensure a close collaborative relationship that is open, transparent, and fair.
  • respect and support fair labour and human rights
  • commitment to socially responsibly operations and appropriate, relevant corporate social responsibility programs.

DEtermined to protect the planet for all litlte ones to come

  • implements appropriate methods, techniques and products that build a more eco-conscious method of creation that generates a  product of long lasting value.
  • guarantee a transparent production chain from animal husbandry to final product.

SAOLAS is committed on controlling the entire supply chain and working on full traceability of its product. We firmly believe that an ethical business should source its supplier based on the same value and hold them accountable for it out of respect to the environment, the a respect of to our customers and partners While we are not perfect, we are deeply committed to learning, improving and implementing best practices. SAOLAS operates on the simple premise of being as kind to the environment as a mother to her child.